Let’s get the ball rolling

Because Core Insight System’s CORE Unit is a compact out-of-the-box device that can fit virtually anywhere, implementation into your production facility will be painless. So let us show you how we can help you today!

A Simple Process:

Implementing YOUR CORE System:

  • 1 Set aside 20 minutes for an on-site evaluation

    We can provide an on-site evaluation of your unique situation, recommend the right application and install The CORE with essentially no downtime, whatsoever. You will begin enjoying the benefits immediately!

  • 2 Get in touch with our friendly, helpful team

    We are here 24-7 to support your Insight needs. One call to our Insight Professionals starts the process for exposing hidden opportunities.

Ci || FAQS

  • Q: What maintenance is required for the system and who offers this?

    Answer:No preventative maintenance is required for Core Insight’s technology.  Individually fused electrical circuits within the Core Box are designed to be the weak points within the system.  A low cost fuse is the only replaceable part.

  • Q: Aside from the CORE System itself, what else is required?


    1. 1. Uninterruptible Power – 110 VAC
    2. 2. Sensor Installation Locations
    3. 3. A location for the installation of the Unplanned Event Device
    4. 4. A USB Flash Drive for non-networked machines
    5. 5. Administrative Configuration Data

  • Q: How often are software/hardware upgrades required?

    Answer:Core Insight’s hardware does not include any planned obsolescence; however, software changes are inevitable.  One year of free software upgrades are included with your purchase of a Core Box.

  • Q: How long does it take to install a CORE Insight System?

    Answer:Once Core Insight arrives on site, the Core Insight team can install a standalone Core Box and have data being collected in less than 30 minutes.