The CORE SYSTEM - Overview

Core Insight Systems offers a unique technology and software product developed for the operator. Drawing on well over two decades of multi-industry, hands-on manufacturing experience, we created the easiest tool in the industry to work with, and our database structure allows for efficient data mining for even the most ‘spreadsheet challenged’ person. Our effective software and user interface is just the beginning. Core Insight Systems combines software with our reliable and maintenance friendly technology to deliver to you a complete PERFORMANCE SOLUTION that just runs!

You will benefit from accurate collection of your manufacturing data, and from real-time ‘on the floor’ performance monitoring of your assets, and their operators, for many years.

  • 1
    Multi-Color, Fully-Visible Andon Light

    Core Insight recognizes how every plant and every operation is different; however, the desire to be able to remain in control of every operation at every moment is common to us all .  When your teams have the ability to instantly and accurately communicate performance information, you will almost have everything you need to improve your performance.  You need one more thing. We have incorporated an ANDON light in our CORE BOX.  Positioning the light at the perfect height, allows anyone within sight to be able spot audit any one or all CORE BOXES at a glance.  Switching the light between Green, Red, Yellow, or Blue, you will immediately know the status of your monitored operation.

  • 2
    Customizable Light Pole

    The ANDON light’s goal is to allow anyone on your team to be able to instantly determine the status or performance of the production line; however, if the light is not positioned correctly, no one will be able to see it.  To aid in finding the right location for your ANDON light, Core Insight offers an electrically non-conducting extension pole.  This pole can measure up to ten (10) feet long, placing your ANDON light over 14 feet above the floor.  With all your lights placed at the right elevation, your entire team will be able to monitor the status of all your monitored operations from virtually anywhere on your manufacturing floor.

  • 3
    Flat Panel Feedback Monitor

    To deliver Core Insight’s patented Color Based Performance Feedback to your operator, the Core Box integrates a standard large VGA Flat Panel Monitor. The Monitor’s power is supplied directly from a fuse protected, 110 Volt, circuit within the Core Box. No additional wiring is required.

  • 4
    Corrosion-Resistant Core Box

    The CORE BOX. Core Insights System’s proprietary technology is housed in a corrosion resistant sealed enclosure. This enclosure is sealed to protect against air borne contamination, harsh chemicals and will resist a direct hit from a water hose.

  • 5
    Corrosion-Resistant Core Box Stand

    To aid the CORE BOX’S installation, we offer an optional custom corrosion resistant stand to keep everything together in one tight package. This optional stand can be ordered to any height. When you control the height, you can ensure there will be no interferences between your operator, your equipment, and your new CORE BOX.

  • 6
    Bar Code Scanner with Holster

    No data can be trusted unless it is as perfect as possible.  Perfect data starts with a tool capable of eliminating the possibility of entering inaccurate data.  This cannot happen with push buttons or key boards.  The answer is a bar code scanner.  Even with the right tool, the tool has to last.  With our  extensive hands-on experience from light to heavy industry, we understands the need for durability. We have selected one of the most durable USB Barcode Scanners on the market.

  • 7
    Wear-Resistant Bar Codes

    Core Insight has eliminated the complexity of entering Product Specific information into a data collections system. With a simple scan of a Universal Commercial Code (UCC) Code 39 , aka I-3 of 9, barcodes, your data is in, and your production monitoring begins. For each CORE BOX installation, Core Insight Systems supplies you with first 20 barcodes.

  • 8
    Customizable Power Cord

    To deliver power to the CORE BOX we supply you with an industrial power cord and to ensure the power cord does not accidentally disconnect from the CORE BOX, we have designed it with a locking twist receptacle.  Once locked in place, the cord cannot be accidentally removed.  This ensures power at the CORE BOX cannot be interrupted.

  • 9
    Digital Sensing Technology

    Core Insight Systems is the only company who will supply you with engineering services and partner with you to select the best possible sensing solution for your operation.  Not only do we help you find the best possible sensing solution, we will supply you with two sensors for each Core Box.

  • 10
    Multi-Line Facility-Wide Pager

    Core Insight is all about instant communication.  When your operation is not performing per the business’ expectations, who needs to know, Lead Personnel, Supervisors, Managers, Executives?  Our CORE BOX allows you to configure automatic communications for anything from performance data to unplanned stoppages to extended equipment outages.  From any where in the world, instant electronic communication is available to you via email or SMS text messaging. When support personnel do not have access to email or a cell phone while on the job, local text paging is also available.  Core Insight supplies you with three multiline text pagers per CORE BOX.  The CORE BOX can support any number of pagers your business requires.

  • 11
    Wireless Outage Notification Device

    When your process unexpectedly stops, there is no time to waste. You need help and you need help NOW. But, from whom? Do you need Technical help or Supervisory assistance? Core Insight allows you to make immediate contact with the scan of a barcode or with the push of a button. Our wireless outage notification device can be installed up to 300 feet away from the CORE BOX. And, with the push of a button, your request will reach the appropriate personnel - notifying them of your need for assistance - instantly.