The CORE INSIGHT Team/Biography


With over 20 years of hands-on experience in the manufacturing world, the creators of the Core Insight have applied our real-world knowledge and understanding to create a simple, yet highly effective solution for monitoring a company’s production level – providing a powerful tool that key personnel can rely upon to make informed decisions regarding manufacturing performance within the company.

Through our experience and research, we find most companies lack a system capable of:

(1) Reliably collecting and presenting data,
(2) Accurately monitoring production levels, and
(3) Effectively managing personnel productivity.

Core Insight Systems was founded with the simple holistic idea of designing a system to accurately and directly address these manufacturing challenges and the frustration often associated with them. To this end, the CORE Team has created a user-friendly, easy-to-install, complete system of both hardware and software that will benefit a company in every way – from the operator to the president.

Our engineers have worked in the manufacturing industry in many capacities – from on-the-floor operators, to upper management. We have personal experience in a wide variety of manufacturing environments, including: heavy industry, high-speed liquids production, food packaging, cosmetic and pharmaceutical, mass-produced wood products and beyond.

Our experience has unveiled clear patterns of characteristics among companies who have achieved success and those who continue to struggle. We share these with you so you can benefit from our insight.

Our company continues to grow and has gathered a competent and experienced team that is focused and dedicated to the continued development of powerful, user-friendly performance monitoring and reporting products.

Manufacturing efficiency is our passion. Core Insight is constantly researching and implementing improvements to our system and manufacturing methodologies in general. Our policy is to openly share our growing knowledge and experiences with you.